Monday Night Football 2018

Monday Night Football 2018 : Giants vs Falcons 2018 (live score results below) ignites Monday Night Football results tonight 10/22. But can the Giants pick up a win?

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Giants vs Falcons 2018 (start time 5:15 pm PST) features the 1-5 Giants with a 1-2 road record taking on the 2-4 Falcons who are 2-2 at home.

Quinn answered questions this week about his team’s running game. “We’re looking forward to attacking it again and we like the plan that we’re putting in place to ensure that we stay committed and have our opportunities to do it,” Quinn said. “We felt more scheme-related and quite honestly some technique things that we felt like we could do better to get our run game to the standard that we have.”

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Matt Ryan admits he is still motivated. “When guys do down, other people have to step up and fill the void,” quarterback Matt Ryan said. “He did that for us (Sunday), but he’s done that for us even when those guys are up.”

The Giants in turn are not focused on their 1-5 start. “You definitely can’t dwell on the record so far, but you can use it as fire and motivation to not let any of that happen again and to play even better moving forward,” Giants Will Hernandez told reporters.

But Barkley sees where changes have to be made. “I think I could be more efficient in the run game, continue to grow as a leader, pass pro, everything,” Barkley said. “That’s just kind of how I am. I’m very critical of all the little things and I think I can grow in every part of my game.”

For live score results tonight click HERE.

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